Monday, 22 March 2010

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Another rare update from the fg and it's not a data dump!!
Sorry for those regulars who pop by to see if anything going on. I have just too much to do to dedicate time to a blog entry at present.
However I would like to change this and toying with creating my own website and footy portal to try and give up the day job and give more time to things I love such as my family and footy.

I however feel the need to share some of my experiences from the last month, and how I have moved on from the all-in strategy of 1.5 goals bets to what seems to be one of my better trading runs for a long time. I do seem to have been saying this before many times but this time I feel confident whenever I enter a match, and able to handle most situations now (finally!).

Now I'm not making big bucks at the minute but from the 50 quid I deposited last pay day, I have managed to win some and then lose some but currently standing at £40 profit. Again not a lot compare to others and certainly not enough to give up the day job or pay off some debts, but it has helped me learn something I should have seen years ago.

The key to my success has been knowing what position in the match I want to take by checking the prices on With my failure to conjure up my own stats, I have turned to this wonderfully simple site, which shows the odds on offer and their calculated versions based on their ratings.
Time after time they have come good, and I am now pretty religiously following these prices daily and getting trades right.

However, thinks didn't start very well this month, as I went all in with my initial £30 bank on what looked like a very secure bet on Chelsea to beat Man City. I placed this and went out with the missus on a shopping trip, and enjoyed the opening goal on the radio going to a dominant Chelsea.
Just parking up, thinking I’ll take my stake out the bet for a risk free profit on Chelsea, when Man City somehow equalised. I monitored in despair as the goals flew in and not for the home side.
I felt there and then like quitting this whole betting malarkey as bad decision after bad decision seems to plague me.

When I got home, I decided another 20 quid was all I could go with now and layed Arsenal against Stoke, hoping for green by half time at the latest. No need though, as Stoke opened the scoring early on, and once greened up , I moved a bit about with reasonable success to recover half my early loss.
This was to be a repeated pattern throughout the month, but slowly but surely things have gone well.
Backing the right prices and laying the wrong ones, I have discovered a few new techniques which now seem simple and low risk, all good.

A favourite at the minute is laying teams going 2-0 up early doors, as you normally see goals come back at least once if not twice and the odds of 1.0x odd means a good swing if this occurs.
Villa at half time in the FA Cup was a great move, though I did seem to give green away with each goal, need to let some trades run for better results.

I now can cover several markets at once in games to try for the big win, while covering the small losses if not.

This will probably cue a disaster and bank meltdown but I feel confident to avoid this, and if can keep going, could well have a very profitable summer and World Cup.

Currently trying to research World Cup trends and teams, hopefully with a few good patterns to follow.

As always, enjoy your footy and stay lucky.

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