Friday, 9 October 2009

Working hard or hardly working?

Hello Geek fans! Hello. Hello? You still there. I know it's been a while and while I watch some data flow through the system, thought I'd post an update.
I have been on Twitter quite a lot recently and it does seem to suit my lifestyle at present for a quick update or comment.
So last time I made a decent post I was going on holiday, and guess what? I am again next week!
However my last holiday saw me discover a new selection method for trading and possibly betting using the Racing and Football Outlook as a guide. This system is now being trialed for small stakes and is looking good even if still a work in progress.
The idea came about after reading some excellent articles on the site and although my membership how now lapsed I will look to renew when cash is available.
Other inspirations have come from BettorLogic and Betting4Profits as well as new boys the Nugget Crew plus some old favs in Brian Coplin and Talkbet.
Finally BRAVO ratings are being recoded and looking good especially as I have Leicester top of the Championship!
Bit more tweaking me thinks.
Ok off to bed soon, so Stay Lucky.