Monday, 9 November 2009

Not so Super Sunday

Well I'm glad I didn't follow my boxing hunch as would have lost more money. As it was started Sunday with 20 quid odd.
Didn't really have to go through in-play games as we had vistors for lunch and got up late.
Decided to lay Hull in first of Sky's two games in between running backwards and forwards to the shop.
Hull seemed to have well and so when I needed to wash the chicken for dinner, decided to take small green rather than risk it. Came back to find Stoke had scored minutes after I had done so. Doh!
That proved to be the pattern for the day, as I then dabbled with correct scores and laying over 1.5 goals as suspected there would be no more. In the end I added 30p odd to bank.
For the big game I decided to back 1-1 & 2-1 then cover Under 1.5 goals in case no goals. If goal went in hopefully I would green nicely on scores and maybe Unders depending on time of goal.
Unfortunately it came too late and greened up for just few pence profit again.
In an attempt to make some decent profit for the day, I backed Lloyd and Jamie to be in bottom 2 of X Factor.
Both survived to lose me a tenner and I am back down to 11 quid.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Saturday 7.11.09 - Trade 4

Backed Arsenal for £10 @ 1.4 from start and then traded out for £3.50 profit if Arsenal win.

Seems safe, and should break £20 bank which is almost 100% increased for day.

Should I lay Haye in the boxing? I don't really know anything about the sport for the 7 foot giant he's facing must be in for an easy win?

Back tomorrow.

Saturday 7.11.09 - 3pm update


Straight back of Leciester @ 2.9 for £2, leaving me to play with just over a tenner for the afternoon.

Looked at backing Villa, Man City and Blackburn.
Missed the first goal in Villa, and both Man City and Blackburn are losing.

Have laid Spurs @ 1.26 to win a tenner @ 1-0 up, as Sunderland seem to be playing well. Gonna lay Burnley now, to try and get a higher price if goals come back.

HT- Green up on Man City-Burnley @ 1-2 for £4+ but Leicester losing 2-0. Bugger.
Need Sunderland equaliser and may lay Pompey.
Just backed Over 1.5 goals in Spurs game as well.

Sunderland just missed a penalty....typical.
Blackburn and Man City have also just equalised but I didn't lay Pompey in the end. Man City now 3-2 up.

FT - Well it would have been more if I had held my lay on Burnley until Man City were winning and if Sunderland had equalised, but Spurs second covered the lay on them and I managed to back the draw at the end for a couple of quid more in Man City game to finish about 6 quid up.

Profit: £3.95
Bank: £17.32

Right, time to lump on Arsenal?!?

Saturday 7.11.09 - Trade 2

Bank: £16.51

After waiting too long to get involved in Over 1.5 goals in Norwich and Swansea games, I am now putting a tenner on Overs in Hearts v Hibs which is 0-0 @ HT.

Will get out for a fiver loss if needed.

Took a £3.14 loss in the end, as Mrs FG returned from shopping and needed a hand unpacking.

Profit -£3.14

Saturday 7.11.09 - Trade 1

Bank: £11.00

Had £11 exactly in bank and back Over 1.5 goals in Al-Ittihad v Pohang Steelers game when 0-1.
Got paid 5 minutes later, which was nice

New Bank:£16.51

Super Saturday?

Well typically I picked a 0-0 in Brazil. So now starting the day with 10 quid.
It's gonna be a long day!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Over and Over Again

Another month gone, so time to post on the blog again and try and update on what I've been upto.
Been back off my hols for a couple of weeks now and been pushing on trying to get BRAVO ratings back on track and get some decent numbers to help with my betting/trading.

For the last month I have been ticking over with some safe and risk free trading from a twenty quid starting bank.
Picking games with goals but would be tight and likely to get a 1-1 or 2-2 scoreline. As such I had built up a £22 profit over 30 days by the end of October.

Then I stumbled across a new blog, which as moved my trading into a new direction. The blog is The 70k Betfair Trader.
He claimed to have made a small fortune in several days and then blew 70k of it.
However reckless this trading seems though, his tactic of backing Over 1.5 goals interested me.

Short odds with the chance of getting out by half time seems an excellent chance to grow the bank quicker.
I started last night with the Europey league games as well as the U17 World Cup games earlier in the afternoon.
After a bit of to'ing and fro'ing I ended the day almost doubling my bank with nearly £50 sitting in Betfair.

The all in policy used by the 70k guy is very risky and I try not to put the bank into a bet unless I have a exit policy.
However I found it a bit more tricky today as I tried to trade on the Iphone instead of the laptop.
A couple of big £20 and £10 losses have knocked the bank back down to £22.
I'm all in on some Brazilan game sitting @ 0-0 with half time, so hopefully a couple of early goals in the second half will setup up for a busy Saturday.

Finally City look good value for a win against West Brom tomorrow, que 0-0!!

Hopefully I will post my progress on this new challenge and maybe I can hit the £100 mark over the weekend and then £1k! We can but dream.